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Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Recording Project From The Hugs?


I record a heap of music to fill you in! In High school I wrote and recorded a song about every week from January to June 2007 until I graduated from Cleveland High School.  A lot of those songs that were recorded stemmed from the Hugs first and second album. "North" + "Palm Trees" "High School Lovers " + "All Smiles" Etc. 

Since then I have not recorded a song every week but I have accumulated a good amount of songs. They vary in genre and were all recorded by me around the world. I think they sound cool and I have learned a thing or two about mic placements and recording tricks that have improved my quality of recordings. Take a look!

The new project is called On Great Unknown. 

And you can listen to this new project on MySpace right now!

The songs are the result of recording in various places the past 2 years including the Oregon Coast, The Hugs North London flat, my apartment in NW Portland, and my basement in Sellwood. The songs speak for themselves. . . Enjoy kiddies

Danny Delegato