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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few updates for you human lie detectors

A brilliant new show starring Tim Roth is sweeping, well my mind at least. So if you have any vested interest in what may be going on in my head, (or the heads of others), check out this brilliant piece of commercial programming entitled "Lie to Me".  If I'm right and I'm talking to those of you, like me and maybe a couple of other people who have always wished for some sort of Derren Brown/Law and Order kind of meshing to happen on public airwaves.. Check it out, or not. I wont tell you one way or another. Just don't assume like me that after watching a couple of episodes that you can just tell whether or not your friends and loved ones are lying to you, and if you think they are, don't just say "Well I'm afraid you bit your lip so you are a goddamn liar." because you'll just walk around sounding like a dick, and after awhile people will be more than happy to honestly tell you so. Anyway, it's an addicting show and I highly recommend it. 

As for some Hugs business, we're pretty close now to finishing up all the bells and whistles for our second album release. We're pretty excited for you all to hear one of our new goodies entitled "Egos". Here we are recording it

Read previous posts for release details. Oh yea! Molalla readers out there! We'll be playing over in your neck April 19th with many great bands, one of which being Jared Mees and the Grown Children. Saw them the other day over in Salem and they put on quite a show so try not to miss that. 
Night loves,