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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Darth Vader Feels Blue

Stop Searching Google - Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links

I urge you to stop using Google as your primary search engine. That may be a pain, but this is extremely serious. You should urge your friends to do the same.
Google has announced that they intend to start ranking search results by "truth" instead of by how many times they are linked to by other sites. According to Google the "truth" of websites will be determined by how closely the ideas presented on a particular site match with the consensus view of other sites indexed by Google. This means that by definition, sites that repeat the most popular and common views will be considered "true" and placed higher in search results, while sites that offer less popular views will be considered less "true" and will be pushed down in search results.
This represents a massive shift in the free information culture of the internet. This is the transformation of the internet's most popular search engine into a corporately controlled information stream just like MSNBC, FOX News, or any other cancerous disinformation program. The uncensored access to information provided by the internet gives unprecedented power to the average person to develop their own, independent world view, that they can verify for themselves, without having to rely on the blatantly false, propagandistic, disinformation provided by the traditional media. We can't let that power slip away. We can't risk losing the culture of free-thinking that has developed around the internet. If the most popular search engine on the internet is made into "status-quo information reinforcer V 1.0", as Google has stated it will be, we will have lost a major battle for the freedom of humanity at large.
Stop using Google. Tell your friends to do the same and explain the problem to them so they can understand how important this is. Do something.

Odd Chick From Planet Neptune

What a bizarre, disconnected, maniac. What the fuck is she even talking about? Seriously? Are you even a human being? Are you some kind of extra-terrestrial imposter? Vote Elagabulus. It will all work out fine, I'm sure.

The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

Abolish TSA

Not the side you hear in American media. Never support a war the TV tells you to support.

Anderson Cooper Confronted On CIA Media Connections

City Streeeetz

Looking At The Record


Sheer Mag

Modest Mouse Performs "The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box"

Tame Impala // Disciples

Best Bear


Carl Barat And The Jackals "Victory Gin" // The Music Room Live at The Hospital Club

Swim Deep - One Great Song And I Could Change The World

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blue Faced Fish

King Man

These Guys Can Pong

Recalling The Truth


Reliable Kind

There's a Plot

I Can Show You How To Make A Bomb Out of a..

We Live In a World..

A Special Message


Robyn Hitchcock - "The Ghost In You"

Swim Deep - Sun on my back full EP

Eagle Point man sentenced to 90 days' jail for 3 illegal ponds

Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rain Water (On His Own property)

Project Stop Nestle

An important forward from my pastor:
Dear Folks
This is news about something as important to me as music is. It is about our access
to water here in these times of coming drought. I send it to you now because you
live in Oregon, you care about things I sing and write and because this affects us
all now and in the future.
If you haven't read about Nestle's plan to take 200 truckloads a day of spring water
from Cascade Locks west of Portland, this is a plan that somehow has not gone away yet. Nestle's wants Oregon spring water for its plastic bottled, spring water line
which is marketed internationally.
A Swiss company snapping up fresh water from public water sources wherever it can in the world? Washington has already said no repeatedly and even though California wishes it would've as their drought is plenty bad, nothing can stop Nestle's from getting their quota from places like the Sacramento river even as whole communities are going dry.
We have already protested and commented more than 60,000 times to stop this terrible idea from coming to pass and we must do it again. Our new governor is the only one who can stop this unconscionable deal from coming to pass. There will presumably be a public comment period again but there may not be. It is time to step up to the plate and flood Kate Brown and ODFW with feedback about this coming travesty.
If you thought Portland selling public buildings for profit was bad, this is the
precious water of the people and a hundred times worse.
Oregon's largest daily paper has made a case for letting it go through and this is
the scariest editorial I've ever read in The Oregonian - trolling for a
multinational corporation, selling water from our public lands to one of the most
evil corporations on the planet, a company which has been boycotted widely since the 70s.
Then here is reportage from last week's paper of the latest "new deal" Nestle is
trying for an end run, doing their best to circumvent public comment and oversight.…/2015/04/odfw_agress_to_new_approach_fo…<…/odfw_agress_to_new_approach_fo.…>
Please let Governor Brown know what you think about this now before it all goes
further. They say we'll have a public comment period but folks have already
submitted a record number of nays for this watergrab. Time is running out and we
need to tell her to put the kibosh on what was originally Kulongoski's idiotic plan
and now.
Thanks for making it through this and participating.
It takes all of us.