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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Underwater Handicap

James & Alfred

Global Unity Project

James Gilliland - As You Wish Talk Radio (Jan 2014)

UFO Sighting From Airplane Window

Multiple UFO's (Philly)


Pizza n' Ranch


UFOs Return To Popocatepetl Volcano (2013)

Central California Crop Circles

UFO - 2014 (LAS VEGAS)

Up close with the new 'Formula E' car

Alien Contact Above and Below

UFO 2014 (L.A.)


Old Room

Black Books - UK

This is great, I love every episode I watch. It's called Black Books. I've been enjoying this TV show lately, a lot to be truly honest. It's very good, bit like a sitcom, only british. The main character is very funny and has the perfect amount of attitude and personality. Job well done, lads! 

- DD

Outside N' Red

Bending The Over

Outside Hands

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