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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To: Meditate


Shanti Mantra (Reprise)

Vivaldi - Concerto for Cello & Bassoon in E Minor

Dutch Sinse Is Cool.

Lev Gelbard - Vivaldi Violin Concerto

I love this piece of fine music. Great melody, and around 1:50 it gets very passionate. Gotta love it. Go Lev Gelbard and Vivaldi!

Mic Room

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watch The Hugs In The Lying Game!

Scroll to 16:17 to see our song "Never Going To Live, Never Going To Die"


Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch It HERE! (Buddha PBS)

Watch the full episode. See more The Buddha.


The Hugs Song Featured In ABC Family's New Show "The Lying Game"

Watch it Tonight 8/15 on Abc Family 9pm. Thanks,

"Never Gonna Live, Never Going To Die" will be featured in the series premier episode. Thanks,


Monday, August 8, 2011

The Youth Is Better Together

Up Late

The Day The Man Has To Start Giving Up


Hug It Out Today

I Am Images

Fish Naked (Show Em' Off)


Falling Down

Mr Frog

Your Orbit


Flying Around At Night

Police Overrun (London Riots August 2011)

Beds are burning


Angel of Death (Azrael)

It's Funny How I Find Myself

the vines - highly evolved


World On Trial

London Ablaze In Fresh Riots

"RIOT police faced off with youths in fresh violence in London in the third day of disorder after some of the worst rioting in the British capital in years at the weekend. "


"Scores of young people gathered in a main street in the eastern district of Hackney, smashing up buildings and breaking into a truck that became stranded in the middle of the road, pulling out its contents, pictures showed.
Several parked cars were torched before police in riot gear arrived to push back the youths, an AFP reporter at the scene said.
The violence threatened to spread out of the capital with reports that police in the central English city of Birmingham were struggling to contain a large group of youths who had earlier smashed several shop windows.
The trouble in Hackney began when police tried to carry out a stop and search operation, the BBC said, citing reports, but a police spokesman could not immediately confirm this.
Hackney is a few  kilometres from Stratford in east London, where the 2012 Olympics will take place in a year's time.
Police were also called to Lewisham in south London, where a handful of cars were set alight and several shops looted.
In nearby Peckham, a deprived area in the south of the capital, television pictures showed a business premises on fire, with flames threatening to spread to neighbouring properties. People were seen scrambling across the rooftops.
London Fire Brigade said they had sent six engines and 30 firefighters to tackle the blaze.
Nearby, youths also tried to set fire to a double decker bus, which was left badly scorched.
The riots broke out in the north London district of Tottenham on Saturday night, following a protest against the death of a local man in a police shooting last week, and the violence spread to other parts of the city on Sunday.
London Fire Brigade received 264 emergency calls overnight Saturday and attended 49 fires in the Tottenham area.
Overnight Saturday, they dealt with 12 fires which damaged shops, vehicles and homes. Three fire engines were damaged in the violence.
"There is simply no excuse for this abhorrent behaviour which endangers the lives of firefighters and also the people they are trying to protect," said London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority leader Brian Coleman.
Police said they had made 215 arrests since the riots began. The youngest person arrested was an 11-year-old boy.
The districts worst hit by the violence -- Tottenham, Brixton in south London, Hackney and Peckham -- are multi-ethnic areas which have high rates of unemployment."

All Come To Meet Her

I Said Yeah

London Is Burning

Stock Crash

Here And Where

Sunday, August 7, 2011