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Friday, March 24, 2017

Holocene: April 12th Presented by Do503 + Pabst


April 6th, 2017 @The Know (PDX)

3/26 @ Bunk Bar (PDX) W/ Gringo Star

breaking bread

Craig Nicholls on Rage (con subtítulos):the vines

rick n' morty

New Website: (!)

Wake Up Time By Tom Petty

Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

"Feeling of Life"

Don't Look Back

The Didache by Charles Hoole [1894]

Somewhere There

Hey! Beck demo from '93


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The Hugs: Dan Cable PRESENTS

Dan Cable Presents - Small Million - Half Life

Robyn Hitchcock - “I Want To Tell You About What I Want” [Official Audio]

Born Into The Sunset

Elliott Smith - I'm So Tired - Live

Virtual Reality: How Love Works in a Simulation with Tom Campbell (1 of 3)

Golden Years

Reprise (2006)