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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boy Trailer

The Hugs

John Lennon - Beautiful Boy

Coldplay Rocked Portland ! (April 24th, 2012)

God Hell & Souls Coast To Coast AM

"Lifelong student of the paranormal, ancient mysteries and manuscripts, G. Creighton Bradshaw, talked about the origins for humankind, souls, and the spiritual nature of our existence, as well as his notions of the afterlife, including heaven and hell. Influenced by the spiritualist writings of James E. Padgett, Bradshaw also absorbed the work of Zecharia Sitchin, and concurred with his conclusion that a group of ETs called the Annunaki came to Earth and conducted genetic manipulation in order to create humans as workers for their operations.

Bradshaw views God as an all-encompassing concept that we can better understand from a spiritual vantage. There are both spiritual and celestial spheres-- "the celestial is for the angelic, the ones that get the holy spirit into them; they become divine and have the Christ principle in them," he said. The rest of us enter into spiritual spheres when we pass on, and eventually surface at the level that the soul is conditioned to go, he explained, adding that there are various levels of light and dark, or what could be considered heaven and hell.

In order to progress to the level of "true immortality," and enter the celestial sphere, you have to completely give yourself over, he said. Here on Earth, there are evil spirits that can negatively influence people, Bradshaw commented, though he does not believe in the existence of the Devil. A number of callers shared their encounters with evil, and debated whether Satan or the Devil does indeed exist."

"This Machine" Out Now!

J a c k

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Secrets of Body Language Exposed by Experts

Large EarthQuake 6.9 Mag Nth Coast Papua Indonesia

Coast to Coast AM - Planet X W/ Marshall Masters & Robert Young Pelton

Man-Band Street Performer in Croatia

Oh No

What Is The Deal ?

Look It Here Man


Hug Her

Rusty Feathercrap Is a Hater

Snow Bud and the Flower People, The Hugs @ Ella Street Lounge -

"The Hugs are a trippy rock band that was at one point pretty much run out of town for getting wasted and smashing/stealing shit; Snow Bud ONLY writes songs about marijuana. The Ella Street used to be a funeral home. Time to freak out." FIVE NUGS!

It amazes me why writers are so negative these days. I write music with my heart and soul and give it freely to the world and the press like to just bring you down. They even disguise the name of the writer now..? Not cool!  I doubt Rusty Feathercrap is a real writer for WW. Maybe a very special hidden hater trying to keep his face. We don't steal 'shit' or smash anything besides sometimes a guitar etc and that hasn't happened since university of London. We also never were run out of this town (Portland). We got a major record deal when we were 18-19 and left Portland for wonderful blighty. Get your facts straight dude. Or Rusty. . .So, don't listen to Rusty. He's real full of crap.Hug

Beyond Compare

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Single "Reykjavik" Coming May 15th, 2012 (The Hugs)

The Hugs are set to release a new single titled "Reykjavik"  from forthcoming as of yet untitled new third studio LP. It's out May 15th, 2012. Watch out! The album follows on June 26th, 2012. 11 new tracks! The Hugs

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jimi Hendrix - Prophecies

Many artists and musicians draw their inspiration from the etheric realms while others use psychedelic drugs for incentive. Some use both. Jimi Hendrix's music embeds some intriguing prophecies which we will explore.
Being an avid reader of science fiction and such, it is highly likely that the recent and ready availability of Edgar Cayce On Atlantis was the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix’ Valleys of Neptune. Jimi recorded this original song sometime in early 1969 (with Chiron in Pisces). He intended the song to be the title cut for a concept album, complete with his own completed painting of the Valleys of Neptune for the cover. (12” x 12” LP artwork was very important to creative recording artists of the era, including Hendrix.) The song was not released until March 9, 2010, with Chiron again in Pisces. This 27-year-old widely acknowledged guitar master died 9/8/70, drowned by his own vomit after passing out, having drunk too much red wine. Three comments are in order here. First, know that mythic Chiron was a magically enchanting musician on a stringed instrument called a “kithara.” Later, a similar stringed instrument would be called “gitara,” the origin of the word “guitar,” or colloquially, “gitar.” Chiron rocks! Second, I find it Chironic that Hendrix, so aware of the flooding of Atlantis, would die from drowning. Third, and most important, Chiron-inspired Hendrix advised, “Better save your soul while you can! — Valleys of Neptune are risin’, risin’”



Coast To Coast AM: end of life approaches


Funny How We All Think Alike.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dantes Photo (4.4.12)


The Hugs Perform: Spring Beer & Wine Festival Portland (2012)

The Hugs play the 18th year of one of Portland’s most welcome signs of spring, the festival that has it all: craft beer, Oregon wine, cocktails, gourmet snacks and cheese, cooking demonstrations,  non-stop live music and seminars such as Ginger Johnson’s talk on beer beer and cheese pairings (6 p.m. each day.) Nearly 30 brewers are bringing beers and several have donated one-of-a-kind specialty beers! 

The Hugs @ Convention Center 8:00pm-10:30pm

Thursday, April 5, 2012