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The Modern Age

Mighty Boosh: Jungle

I really enjoy this show, takes the stress off every day. Great jokes and writing. Each episode follows a new adventure. Go for the boosh if you haven't, it's magical. Go now!

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I Am Alive

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Is It Me?

Catapulted into the limelight by the overwhelming success of their debut album ‘Inside In/Inside Out’, The Kooks cemented their reputation as one of the UK’s best bands with 2008’s follow up ‘Konk’ which debuted in the album charts at #1. Album number 3 is currently nearing completion and soon to be winging its way to the ever faithful and growing legions of fans. In the meantime, let us bring you up to date with the recent life and times of The Kooks...

The past few years has brought with it an extensive touring schedule for the band. From intimate secret sets in Paris and London, to countless sold out arena shows in the UK, Europe and South America, a full no-stones-left-unturned US tour, and a whole heap of festival slots playing to crowds hundreds of thousands in number - not to mention their unforgettable show at Ibiza Rocks ‘09. The band have travelled all over the world, taking those same songs that were scribbled down in a bedroom or unexpectedly came to life at late night jams, out to the crowds and watching them grow into fully fledged classics. Tracks such as ‘Naive’, ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’ and ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ - a number of which featured regularly in last year’s ‘top songs of the decade’ polls - as well as live favourites ‘Do You Wanna’, ‘Sway’ and ‘Shine On’.

As is the inevitable result of such extensive touring and of being in a band established by young Brightonian men then still in their teens, The Kooks too have grown in many ways. Developing as both musicians, songwriters and individuals. Musically? They’ve become hungrier for different sounds, for experimenting but at the same time refining and mastering their craft, never straying too far from that self-definable Kooks sound. As individuals? Life in a band has certainly exceeded all of their expectations, and the rollercoaster ride element has served only to bring Luke, Hugh, Pete & Chris closer than ever before.

Three elements remain at the beating heart of the band: music, friendship... and doing anything it takes to get a damn good pop song. As Luke puts it simply, 'If it doesn't make you feel good, then what's the point? There's too much drab shoe-gazing shit around. I hate all that cack. You've got to push through it. That's where you get great songs.’

For the multitudes who have been to a live show, or anyone who’s spent time with the band, it’s clear from witnessing their interactions that music and friendship are two sides of the same coin - and it’s this mix that has really struck a chord with literally hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. 

Commenting on The Kooks’ dedicated fanbase, Hugh observes, ‘Music should make you happy, it should change you in some way. That's why our fans are so crazy and committed. There's that connection.’

So after retreating to the English countryside for some secret writing sessions, and armed with plenty of inspiration for new material, the end of 2009 saw The Kooks reconvene to a studio in east London, where they hunkered down to more writing, demoing and finally laying down the songs that will form that hotly anticipated 3rd album.


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I Called Her Up And She Was High

Mr. Poppers Penguins


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Lesson of The Stars

Astronomy Man

Doctor Robert

<> ye' ol red truck was bought (thanks grandpa don)

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The Path of Light (L.D. Barnett 1909)

He who would keep the rules must diligently guard his thought; the rules cannot be kept by him who guards not the fickle thought. Untamed elephants in their madness do not such harm here as the thought works in Avīchī and the rest of the hells, a. young elephant ranging free. But if the young elephant of thought be entirely bound by the rope of remembrance (18), all peril departs, and perfect happiness comes. Tigers, lions, elephants, bears, snakes, all foes, all the warders of the hells, witches and devils—all of them are bound, if only thought be bound; all are subdued if only thought be subdued. The Speaker of the Truth has said that from thought alone come all our countless terrors and griefs. Who has diligently forged the swords of hell, or its pavement of red-hot iron, and whence were born its sirens? All this has sprung from the sinful thought, as the Saint's song tells; thus in the threefold world there is no foe to fear save the thought.
If the Perfect Charity frees the world from
p. 54
poverty, how could the Saviours of old have had it, since the world is still poor? The Perfect Charity is declared to be the thought of surrendering to all beings our whole possessions and likewise the merit thereof; thus it is but a thought (10). Where can fishes and other creatures be brought into safety, that I may not slay them? When the thought to do them no hurt is conceived, that is deemed the Perfect Conduct. How many can I slay of the wicked, who are measureless as space? But when the thought of wrath is slain, all my foes are slain. Whence can be found leather enough to cover the whole earth? But with a single leather shoe the whole ground is covered. In like manner the forces without me I cannot control; but I will control the thought within me, and what need have I for control of the rest? Though aided by voice and body, indolence can never win for its prize an estate such as that of Brahmā, which falls to the lot of the vigorous unaided thought. The prayers and mortifications of a heedless and feeble man, however long he labour, are all in vain, says the Omniscient. To overcome sorrow and win happiness men wander in vain, for they have not sanctified their thought, the mysterious essence of holiness. Then I must keep my thought well governed and well guarded; what need is there of any vows save the vow to guard the thought? . . .

Sorcerer's Apprentice

What's this? A new disney movie in a 'harry potter' style? Good story here! It was a blast! But from the past though! Kid meets Nicholas Cage (master wizard guru man) and gets skills, kid remembers event from childhood with master man, and his enemy and him get trapped in lap. Dude falls in love with chick from middle school. Life changing powers happen...etc. This is fun if you Well, I give it a C- though.


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