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Live From Nowhere Near You Vol. 2

Lead singer/songwriter Danny Delegato of The Hugs is featured on the “Live From Nowhere Near You Vol. 2″ Comp”

“So Strange” recorded way back in 2007  and upcoming solo album single “The Day”. . . 

ALSO: You can pre order the new album “I Am Alive” now HERE!

Plenty of great artists on this disc!  Including Musicans: Nathan Jr, Black Rebel Motorcycle, Dandy Warhols & Portland Elvis, The UpsideDown, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Modest Mouse, Logan Lynn, Kevin Moyer, The Ettes, Brent Deboer, Bright Eyes W/ Brit Daniel, Helio Sequence, James Mercer, Tango Alpha Tango. 

The “Live From Nowhere Near You Vol. 2. is available now!

Please, check it out on Amazon now! Follow the link below for sound samples of all songs including purchase info:

Many Words & Faces of Andrew VanWyngarden

Hey Hey Look


Sibyl # 1

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mark Foster & Company Ruling The World

"Mark Foster certainly knows how to sculpt a memorable hit.

His breakthrough smash with his trio Foster the People, “Pumped Up Kicks,” became the definitive single of the summer, thanks to its delectable confection of handclap percussion, bubbly bass, vocodered verses and  the sugary — but lyrically homicidal — chorus: “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks/ You better run, better run/ Outrun my gun.”

But the song’s Raskolnikov-pensive protagonist doesn’t actually commit the crime.

“It’s more about the psychology of what makes him tick, and him playing with the idea of doing something,” says Foster, aware that the words “gun” and “bullet” were carefully bleeped from its video clip. “I really wanted to just paint his world, his emotions, the conversation that’s going on in his head.”

Foster acquired his skills in a strange place. As a wide-eyed naif in Hollywood a few years back, this Cleveland native — who brings his outfit to San Francisco this week — cut his teeth penning commercial jingles for a company called Mophonics, first on spec from his home studio, then as their full-time, in-house composer.

In his downtime, he threw “Kicks” together in three hours, offered it for free on his website, and soon landed a deal with Columbia/Star Time Intl., which released the ditty on an EP, then on FTP’s recent debut, “Torches.”

What did his bosses hear in the kid?

“Well, I think melodies are my real strength,” he says. “I know how to build and deliver a chorus, whether it’s instrumental or whatever. So I guess I have a good handle on dynamics, which is what commercials are all about. Plus, I write in a lot of different genres, which is an asset, because you get jobs calling for hip-hop, bossa nova, even Danny Elfman-type stuff. So you have to be able to do all of it.”

Foster’s first assignment was his toughest: doing an electronic cover of a complicated Billie Holiday jazz number.

He went on to score ads for Verizon, T-Mobile, Bank of America, California tourism, Muscle Milk and Honey Bunches of Oats. “It’s a very good cereal,” he says, “and I just heard that I’ve booked a Pop Tarts commercial, too.”

Foster is so prolific, he has an entire piano-vocal solo record in the can — one so soulful that Dr. Dre considered signing him.

“But I wanted to make the type of music that I’m making now instead,” he says. “And that’s a side of me that I want to start working in on our second record — a part of me that nobody knows about yet.”

Force Change

Rome Up In Smoke

Genius Song

Protest: Occupy The World (FREE THE WORLD)

Brian Cox

Truth OR Die?

Day Light


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Tame Impala

Big Production: Brian Wilson

George Martin

The Hugs - "Dirty Gems"

 Mitch Wilson, Patrick Wilcox, Davey Appaloosa, Danny Delegato

Danny Delegato "Little Wanderer" Promo + Interview

Son of Sam

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lives On


"I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people."

- John Lennon

Happy Birthday John Lennon

If John Lennon hadn't been gunned down in New York in 1980, the global icon of youthful rebellion could have celebrated his 70th birthday this Saturday. Fans around the world are marking the date with what his widow, Yoko Ono, has called an explosion of sentiment.
Nearly 30 years after Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside The Dakota, the apartment building where he lived, admirers of all ages gathered right across the street today in a part of Central Park called "Strawberry Fields," honoring his memory by singing his songs.
Watch "World News with Diane Sawyer" for more on this story tonight on ABC.
Lennon's life and work are still drawing plenty of fresh interest and new fans.
Today, Google honored the musician on its home page with an animated doodle set to his solo song, "Imagine."
His solo albums are all being re-released together in a set, "The John Lennon Signature Box," which includes some of his personal tapes, outtakes and sketches.
New John Lennon PBS Documentary: Life in NYC Watch Video
New John Lennon PBS Documentary: Yoko on John Watch Video
There's a new film coming out, "Nowhere Boy," about Lennon's pre-Beatles teenage years in Liverpool, England.
And on Nov. 22, PBS' "American Masters" series will air a documentary called "LennoNYC," taking a look at the last decade of Lennon's life, living in New York with Ono. The documentary includes rare home movies from the five years that Lennon took off from music to raise his son, Sean. It was an act of domesticity seen as radical at the time.
"There really wasn't a model for a father who stayed home with his kids, for a father to be as involved in raising his family and making that a priority," said Alan Light, a rock critic for Rolling Stone. "In the '70s, that wasn't really a thing that you saw so much."

'Imagine': John Lennon Would Be 70

" Yoko Ono, who married Lennon in March 1969, has said she's still getting over her husband's murder. She was with Lennon when Chapman shot him.
"It was very hard because it was a sudden thing that happened, he wasn't ill for a long time or anything," Ono told Reuters today.
Ono also says she's surprised by all the attention given her husband's birthday, but it is a testament to Lennon's enduring appeal.
"I have a seven-year-old who is a crazy, obsessive fan," said Rolling Stone's Light. "All these kids know these songs. So many of the songs are no part of sing-a-longs in nursery schools and lullabies and the music that you grow up with when you live on this planet."
It's proof that even decades after his death, John Lennon still matters. "

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