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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Grant Kirkhope - Soundtrack (Donkey Kong 64)

I could listen to this 24 hrs a day. I actually have been this past few days. Some songs are annoying, but some songs are absolutely brilliant. Wow. So, cool. I liked the game to for n64 back in the day.

- DD

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo #245

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Hildegard Von Bingen 11000 Virgins - Chants for St Ursula

XanMan - POND

Xanman by Pond on Grooveshark

KZME 'Lunchbox' Interview (July 2013)

Sun Smoke

Fairy Land Far Away

This Is The Library!

This Is The End

This movie was like one big long bad acid-trip. Beginning at a fancy party that just doesn't seem to END. You can enjoy Michael Cera slapping Rihanna's big butt. And also watch everyone in their 'real life celebrity state' 
This ones got a lot of cheer and friendly morals. If you don't be nice, you'll go to hell. They get stuck inside a mansion and the world literally ends. Or someone gave them bad acid. They are more then happy to stay at James Franco's amazing casa as LA is up in flames. A friend can't seem to get along with Seth Rogen cause he says he's a 'sellout' ...But these guys are just stoned and having fun. My kind of movie, I think. 

After Earth

This was kind of like watching Will Smith and son on shrooms trapped in a bad version of Turok from Nintendo 64. His son goes on a big journey through 'a poisoned earth' of some sort wit