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Saucer Full of Secrets

A Story

The ultimate goal in Spiritual Ascension is complete liberation of the soul from all limiting factors in its experience. The most dramatic example of the supreme and total manifestation of this process is translation of the physical form into a finer substance that is akin to the density of the etheric body, or in Hawaiian, the aka-kino bodies. The resurrection and subsequent Spiritual Ascension of our brother Isho'a [Yeshua/Jesus] is a well known example of the fullest manifestation of this process possible.
Ultimately, in order for this process to complete wherein our soul transforms its physical vehicle into pure aka-kino substance and Light, we must become fully conscious. This means that all the limited patterning which prevents us from living the highest awareness and knowledge we have available must be brought into the Light of Higher Conscious Awareness.
Awareness is the key factor, for it is the prime nature of the Source - Total Awareness. Once something that holds us back from our desired goals is brought into our field of Higher Awareness, it simply starts to change because it is receiving the Light of that Higher Awareness.
There are many means for bringing our limited aspects of self into the Light of Higher Awareness and the Sacred Flow of Life Itself is tirelessly working in our behalf to this end as an expression of the One Great Love. We can, however, accentuate and enhance this process, learn to cooperate with it in a graceful manner without resistance. To this end we have dedicated our lives. Our personal lives and physical and subtle energy bodies are our laboratory.
Our approach in assisting others with this process is rooted in a foundation of LOVE and COMPASSION enveloped in a field of Higher Conscious Awareness. Limited aspects of the self are not meant to be abused, mortified, suppressed or denied in an attempt to free one's self from the limitations they represent, and all too often this is what occurs inadvertently. These limited dynamics which seem to hold us back are aspects of the incarnate self and must be treated like we would treat all other sentient beings. They will respond to love, always. They are the part of the planetary consciousness we have agreed to embody out of Love for all humans. We must therefore extend our Love to these parts of self, for they are the core of what we came to work with. Herein you find your spiritual mission and purpose if you know but how to look at it.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

This is knowledge everyone could use. Please, take the time from your stressful routine and life and just read, it will impact you. This site does wonders for me. Thanks,


When The Hugs Opened For The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Can't Stand It

Very Close To Renewal Time (Hopi Indian)

Wisdom (Sacred Text From 1892)

From Seed To Plant (Earth Humans)

Two Kinds of Happiness

Things We Said Today (remaster)

Keep It + Hawthorne High

I am very proud about these two songs I composed. It's from the past Hugs Albums, now available on Band Camp site for sale! In any format your little thumpin heart desires. Hugs





The Idea Is. . . . . .


Truth Seeker

Fuck the Haters pt. 3

PREVIEW "Little Wanderer" Album By Danny Delegato (Out 6/21/11)

I wrote a second album of songs. It’s my solo work. In the sound department it’s much different then ‘the Hugs’
Majority are Home recordings from London and back to the great north west. Here is the press blurb:

Recorded over parts of 2010-2011 in parts of North London and my hometown of Portland, Oregon. What makes “Little Wanderer” such a strong and diverse album (which is named after a William Blake poem titled (“A Dream”) is the song-writing. It’s evolving.
“Little Wanderer” is Singer Songwriter Danny Delegato’s Sophmore effort (Out 6/21/11)
“Digging deep into the innermost thoughts and feelings of growing into your early 20’s. Songs that clearly capture young adult life in it’s best moments, through intense lyrics, soaring hooks, perplexing instrumentals, mindful acoustic ballads, 3 part harmonies, and some straight forward pop rock gems. ”

“Little Wanderer” out 6/21/11

PRE-ORDER “Little Wanderer” NOW! Thank you,
credits: Danny Delegato Copyright Lyrics & songwriting
releases 21 June 2011


Good show...Watch here.

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Dear Friend

I Know What I Saw (2010)


Just 'Cos I'm Alone (The Music)

Human Can Evolve

Cantina Scene (Star Wars)

Nino Rota - O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia (Il Casanova di Fellini)

Everything Is Fucked Up As Usual

Crazy 'Bout You Baby


Siberian Breaks

Augustine of Hippo

Sue Me, Sue You Blues

"Little Wanderer" Released Today

Today in time Danny Delegato releases his second full length solo disc.

It's titled "Little Wanderer" Go now to download and preview songs. It's only $10! Has 11 tracks...Info:
 "Recorded over parts of 2010-2011 in parts of North London and Portland, Oregon. What makes "Little Wanderer" a diverse album (named after a William Blake poem titled "A Dream".) is the song-writing. It's evolving. "Little Wanderer" is Singer Songwriter Danny Delegato's Sophmore album.(Out 6/21/11) "Digging deep into the innermost thoughts and feelings of growing into your early 20's. Songs that clearly capture young adult life in it's best moments, through intense lyrics, soaring hooks, perplexing instrumentals, mindful acoustic ballads, 3 part harmonies, and some straight forward pop rock gems. " "Little Wanderer" out 6/21/11 PRE-ORDER "Little Wanderer" NOW! Thanks,"
releases 21 June 2011 Danny Delegato: Lyrics, Songwriting, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Loops, Sound Effects, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Recorded in Portland, Oregon and London, England. etc.

In The Garage

Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn (1977-2011)


Lotus Flower

Summer Is Here

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Interview W/ Bob Marley In New Zealand

Don't Go Down

Jailed ?

Free Peter Doherty

The Man Who Thinks Out Loud



1,000th Blog!

Wow, thanks. Never thought we'd make it this far! Have fun looking back, it's been awhile, and a long road and lots and lots of blogs. Keep it real. More soon!

- Hugs

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