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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

showing sir George Martin how he wrote Wonderwall (Noel The hit-maker)

Kelly Osbourne – From Alcoholism & Substance Abuse to Sobriety, Redemption and Advocacy

Charlie Sheen - Sobriety is not a one size fits all thing, shame, guilt & people pleasing

Bam Margera - Bam meets Novaks father for the first time in Baltimore, hitting rock bottom

far from here

Your Light - [Edinburgh 29th Feb 2020]

Elliott Smith - Kiwi Maddog 20/20 (from Roman Candle)

Babe Roots feat. Galas - Music Mission

IDLES Crawl!

Happy People


White Shadows – Give Up Give Out Give In

Monkees - Screen Tests

end of the line

Robb Westlund: “San Francisco”

The Verve - History

SULK - Black Infinity (Upside Down)

finding inner peace

W.B. #202

Always Moving Forward pt. 18

Minding My Own Business

Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business

citizen of the world


@TheHugsPortland (Twitter)

'just a couple of snowflakes'

fathoming the charm

Great Bolongo Beat


Happy Holidays Everyone

in miracle land

Thanks for reading The Hugs Blog 2021



what is t r u th

WILLOW FLUTE ⼁Winter Wonderland ⼁Alpaca

HEALING FROM THE NORTH⼁ Mystical & angelic music⼁Crystal bowl healing

THE VINES - Sky Gazer (fan lyrics video)

#1 first day in cabin (Italian Alps)

Shambolics - If You Want It (Official Video)

nose butterfly

Tom Green Skates And Plays Pond Hockey - Country Living

Friday, December 17, 2021

safe place

Share Time at Shady Acres - SOUTH PARK


lite on finger-tips



all that m o n e y wants

at the Super 12 Motel Plus - SOUTH PARK: POST COVID


Eris Drew Quivering In Time

In The Ground

Pyramids Flanger First Impression - Mac DeMarco | EarthQuaker Devices

Collecting Folk Songs in Ireland [1973]

cultivating our subtle little perception

Painting #424

Disco Revisited Tonight's The Nite

The Diverse Nature of Elves in Norse


We Humans Are Multidimensional Beings


Lighten Up

Tom Green And His Father Walk In Snow At His Home In Canada With His Dog

Moodlife & Sonya Rogers Movin' On


Kelly Lee Owens Melt!

Third Rail "No Return"

"The Badger's Wake"

Crazy Horse - Welcome Back

ANCIENT WILLOW FLUTE ⼁Winter Wonderland ⼁Alpaca

DIRTY GEMS (Reissue - 12/10/2021)

'the art of making movies'



Vril, The Power of the Coming Race by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1871]

Matt Berry - October Sun (Kill the Wolf Album)

Connecting to Others with Emotions

News for the Heart Laurie and Tom Talk Positivity for the Holidays!

Consciousness Exercises; An Approach for Empaths

Southern California 1940's in color [60fps/Remastered]

Mac DeMarco and Juan Wauters - "Sappy"

CRO (Visualizer)