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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Hugs - 'Love Led You Here' (Buy)

Our new album Love Led You Here is officially released world-wide today! It’s very charming...

 We are beyond thrilled. Follow the links to purchase now…

iTunes Links:

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UK –
Japan –
Australia –

Amazon Link:



Tim Gunther - Photo

The Hugs - Perform @ Dante's (Today In Time)

Right You Are



Sunday, July 28, 2013

UFO Over Equator landing on town-OVNI

Spectacular UFO over Oregon (July 25, 2013)

That One


Secret Xtians

Up Hands Yup







Minden - "Monolith" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.


Look Into

Book Shelf Smoker

Inside The Spacer

The Lone Ranger

Not sure how this could be a Disney made film when a guy rips another guys heart out of his chest. Weird, but true. I think it's cool Depp has a crow on his head the whole entire 2 hr 20min length of the film. Wow!
Lots of Cowboy and Indian action here. I think it was interesting to see Depp as a content Warrior Indian. They get into trouble and go on a big adventure and the usual cowboy stuff. But I was expecting something much different. Hmm. Well, I give it a C. 

- DD

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Hugs - Reel Love (Official Music Video)

Another new song from our forthcoming record is unveiled! It’s titled “Reel Love” . . .
The Music Video is absolute insanity!

The Hugs - New Album "Love Led You Here" (Coming July 30th, 2013)

The Hugs - Summer 2013

The Hugs - Special Connection (Second Single)

Tell your friends... This ones a peach! Wig out...Thank you!

"Special Connection"

The Hugs - Magnify (New Single)

Our new single “Magnify” is available for download for FREE on our Bandcamp page. Download away! Enjoy,

A Photograph

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Money Can Buy...

Banned GMO Crops

What countries have banned GMO crops? Find out here:

Expert calls for marijuana to be legalised to reduce harm of binge drinking in teens

"THE head of Australia's leading alcohol research body has called for marijuana to be legalised to reduce the harm of drinking.Robin Room, director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, says marijuana should be legalised under strict controls because the social harm associated with it was significantly less than from drinking.
"It makes sense to legalise marijuana in a controlled market," he told the Herald Sun yesterday. "We are in a situation where we need to look ahead. I think we need to have the discussion and it makes a lot of sense in terms of, among others, cutting down government costs to have a fairly highly controlled legal (cannabis) market and, while we are at it, tighten up the legal market of alcohol in the same way we tightened up the market of tobacco."
Prof Room, a leading academic at Melbourne University, is funded by the Department of Human Services."

'Magnify' Press (The Hugs)

“The Hugs are showing off their spacey side with the new single off their forthcoming record, titled “Magnify.” Layers of psychedelic tones, driving rhythms and a bright lead guitar blend together to showcase the next step in the evolution of these local garage-pop favorites. Listen to the song (available for download on July 16th) below and get ready for the new album, ‘Love Led You Here’, out July 30th.”

- Benjamin Toledo (Deli Magazine)
“The Hugs have a new single: “Magnify” is from their forthcoming album Love Led You Here. It’s a tumbling, jumping track with echoes of shoegaze and perhaps even some U2 in the guitar echo, and it displays the Portland band at their most euphoric. Love Led You Here is 12 new songs from the band, now a trio, and comes out July 30.”
- Ned Lannamann


Brent DeBoer - You Win

FIne tiMEZ

A Magnificent Beautiful Day


The Hugs New Single "Magnify"

Smith Westerns "Idol" Music Video

Tuesday, July 2, 2013