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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Mamas & The Papas - Go Where You Wanna Go

the reason why

falling star by the hugs

HUMBLE PIE Black Coffee [1973]

behind "the waiting"

سلام و حب

They Don't Own Me


she changes the weather

Paradise Found by William F. Warren [1885]

Available Everywhere: The Hugs 5th LP (OUT NOW)

Like having a butterfly land on your shoulder.

73 q's w/ t. hawk

Chris Martin Interview on Stress Relievers, America and Coldplay | Elvis Duran Show

on Holidays and Fears

Heart - Stairway to Heaven - Total shreds

Jessie J 'shreds'

nickelback 'shreds'

i'm into something good

Bernie On America’s Opioid Epidemic And ‘What Matters’ To 2020 Democratic Voters

The Who - A Quick One (While He's Away)

oasis on Later with Jools Holland w/ noel (1995)

Coldplay: Everyday Life

"where nobody knows"

The Who's Pete Townshend Compares the Gallaghers' Solo Music

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo (A. Farnese) [1896]

John Lennon backstage in Portland, Oregon (Augst 22nd, 1965)

thumbs up

The Beatles In Portland - The Complete Story