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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

"bullet-proof bullshit detector" (April 16, 1975)

Elliott Smith – Shooting Star (from From A Basement On The Hill)

isombard (live)

New Lands by Charles Fort [1923]

Far From Here (Music Video)

Palm Tree logo #27

The Coral - Lover Undiscovered (Official Video)

Hackers Movie Intro feat. Orbital (Halycon)


Porij - Nobody Scared

MOTHER - Lennon & Ono w/ The Plastic Ono Band (Official Music Video 4K Remaster)

Smokin' a joint and playing bass

The Hugs - In The Dead Black Night (Bandcamp)

The Hugs - In The Dead Black Night (Spotify)

The Hugs "In The Dead Black Night" (LYRIC VIDEO)

Dan Electro (London 2007)


the vines did it better.


Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata (Live 1967) - YouTube


Nothing Can Stop Us - YouTube


Gilligan Moss Ultraparadíso


"In The Dead Black Night" On Soundcloud (Share)

"In The Dead Black Night" releases today! (5-19-2021)

Monday, May 17, 2021

Eluvium - Dusk Tempi [Field Works]

MONO - Meet Us Where The Night Ends (Live with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra)

Coldplay - Higher Power (Live at The BRIT Awards, London 2021)

it's okay

land of lost scene #4

the tap #231

The Hugs Blog - since 2009 (We Blog For You)

arthur walkin' on by haters

The Big Moon - The Making Of Walking Like We Do

Jason Air Drums

"must be nice"

Peace - Flirting USA

newport CA beachin'

The Hugs - Magnify (Directed by Sean Allen)

A Hop Farmer’s Diary: 30 days in the life of Oregon’s Crosby Hop Farm

Shelby cruising w/ Jim M.

San Francisco DAZE (JULY 2007)

All You're Dreaming Of (Lyric Video)

Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat March, 2021 Pt 3

Think For Yourself (Remastered 2009)

Music When The Lights Go Out [Barcelona 2013]

haunted house

Land Of The Lost (eating giant crab)

Back In Canada - Tom Green - Van Life - Checking In

On And On (Stream/Buy)


Merch (On Sale)

blue moon gig