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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

"bullet-proof bullshit detector" (April 16, 1975)

Elliott Smith – Shooting Star (from From A Basement On The Hill)

isombard (live)

New Lands by Charles Fort [1923]

Far From Here (Music Video)

Palm Tree logo #27

The Coral - Lover Undiscovered (Official Video)

Hackers Movie Intro feat. Orbital (Halycon)


Porij - Nobody Scared

MOTHER - Lennon & Ono w/ The Plastic Ono Band (Official Music Video 4K Remaster)

Smokin' a joint and playing bass

The Hugs - In The Dead Black Night (Bandcamp)

The Hugs - In The Dead Black Night (Spotify)

The Hugs "In The Dead Black Night" (LYRIC VIDEO)

Dan Electro (London 2007)


the vines did it better.


Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata (Live 1967) - YouTube


Nothing Can Stop Us - YouTube


Gilligan Moss Ultraparadíso


"In The Dead Black Night" On Soundcloud (Share)

"In The Dead Black Night" releases today! (5-19-2021)

Monday, May 17, 2021

Eluvium - Dusk Tempi [Field Works]

MONO - Meet Us Where The Night Ends (Live with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra)

Coldplay - Higher Power (Live at The BRIT Awards, London 2021)

it's okay

land of lost scene #4

the tap #231

The Hugs Blog - since 2009 (We Blog For You)

arthur walkin' on by haters

The Big Moon - The Making Of Walking Like We Do

Jason Air Drums

"must be nice"

Peace - Flirting USA

newport CA beachin'

The Hugs - Magnify (Directed by Sean Allen)

A Hop Farmer’s Diary: 30 days in the life of Oregon’s Crosby Hop Farm

Shelby cruising w/ Jim M.

San Francisco DAZE (JULY 2007)

All You're Dreaming Of (Lyric Video)

Tom Campbell: Fireside Chat March, 2021 Pt 3

Think For Yourself (Remastered 2009)

Music When The Lights Go Out [Barcelona 2013]

haunted house

Land Of The Lost (eating giant crab)

Back In Canada - Tom Green - Van Life - Checking In

On And On (Stream/Buy)


Merch (On Sale)

blue moon gig

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Tom Green: Utah Van Life W/ Charlie Choppa The Dog

Peter Doherty in conversation with Jack Jones of Trampolene

Trampolene New Album 'LOVE NO LESS THAN A QUEEN' (UK)

Transient Powers In a Crowded Room

Holy Holy (2020 Mix) [Lyric Video]

Bill Murray semi truck (Larger Than Life

Peeping Listeners (Awkward Fake Calls)

that thing death and all his friend (s)

How Does Reincarnation and the Afterlife Really Work? (Tom Campbell)

Coldplay: “Higher Power,” Max Martin, and Eco-Friendly Tour

"You Have Got Charisma"

Coldplay x Thomas Pesquet - International Space Station Link-Up

The Hugs - ON AND ON (OUT NOW!)

The new single by The Hugs "ON AND ON", out now!

little red rooster


lost and gone era


leominster: Amphitheatre Farmhouse