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Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Willamette Weekly Press

[JANGLE GARAGE] “I love the Hugs...They’re kind of like the Libertines but are taking it all from their own direction,” claimed Libertine Carl BarĂ¢t in a 2007 NME interview. Elements of the garage revival play big parts in both bands’ sounds. But if the Hugs and the Libertines are in the same garage, the Libertines are rebuilding a transmission while the Hugs practice their harmonies in a corner, glass jars of screws keeping time. And oh, what harmonies. The vocals, especially on 2012’s Dirty Gems EP, sound a lot closer to the psych-folk aural rainbows of the Byrds than any garage rockers we know. The reversed guitars only distance them from any garage comparisons. The Hugs became a Portland staple when they were signed to Columbia while students at Cleveland High School, and if anything they’re more legendary now that they’re independent."

 - Mitch Lillie

Going Up

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hugs Play Valentines This Sunday

Dr. Know or Dr. Slow?

Dr. Know? More like 'Dr. Slow-in-the-brain': … We can bring a big cup of flouride for you "Dr. Know" and see you chug!!

Wonderful Magic

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Walkmen - London Calling (Amsterdam)

Common Sense - Thomas Paine (1776)

"This is the little book which provided the rationale for the American colonists to struggle for independence from English rule. Relative to the size of the population at the time, it is the US best seller of all time; it sold half a million copies in the first year, going through twenty-five editions. Paine wrote Common Sense like a sermon, using Biblical references to make his point, despite his Deist views. However, this style appealed to a broad audience, not just intellectuals. Paine even put his money on the line: he donated all royalties from Common Sense, which were substantial, to the Continental Army of George Washington.--J.B. Hare "

I Won't Go

Thenewno2: I Won't Go by Podcast:Music on Grooveshark

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Life W/ BJM

Completely Wasting Your Time

Toxicough - ostberlinerdisko


She's Always Stuck On Her Fence

Me If I Didn't Cut My Hair

Round & Round We Go

No One's Invited But Me

Hm, Hm, Hm, Hm

You Didn't Dance Again, did you?

Candle Shoes

Your Fate/Your Free Will

"Do we really have any choices at all? Or, are all life's experiences determined before we check in? Are we programmed at birth with a set of genes and DNA set to provide only predetermined experiences, no matter what the environment? The dictionary is of some help. The word "will" is defined as the intention, command, or request for something.

Okay, that's close. Intention is most important. Many people have been discouraged from even attempting something because of physical conditions that seem insurmountable, but if they maintain the intention to achieve something, most often they do. The obstacles to an intention can often be the motivation to contradict it.

A personal planet like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, and Moon in opposition to Saturn often describes persons anxious to challenge obstacles with the determination to succeed, especially when in stubborn fixed signs. Commands may just be another variation of aggressive intention, or a visualization of outcome.

Many healings have been reported where a person repeatedly visualizes an illness gradually shrinking and vanishing. Doctors are amazed to confirm this phenomena mysteriously labeled spontaneous remission. The patient became well with no apparent, measurable intervention. But to the patient, their intention was the intervention that removed the illness. Who, or

What, Is The Programmer?

But perhaps we're just quibbling about semantics here, having word games and not facing the fundamental issue. Because, what determines our intentions? Our commands and requests? Are they also programmed? Then who, or what, is the programmer? A Divine Force, God, Karma, Heaven?" READ MORE...

Shove It

Poor Dog, Poor Cop

Counting The D a y s Away

Into The Dark We Go

Old Man Pingo

Faster Worker

bill and the guys