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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

feelin by La's

Happy As Larrie (Official Video)

Oasis - ‘It’s Better People’, the B side to ‘Roll With It

the key to life on earth

Beck - Dear Life

The Music - The Rain


"sleepin' through the evening"

Always Moving Forward pt. 4

Black Country, New Road - 'Track X' (Official Video)

Last Exit To Transkei

Seymour Hoffman on Acting | Charlie Rose (Dec 16th, 2002)

transmit a moment (2020)

You're Welcome (Thanks Bill)

Sledding Let It Snow Panda Vision 2021

No Fire (Live Performance)

Les Savy Fav - "We'll Make A Lover Of You" (Music Video)

"Roadhouse Blues" Guitar Lesson with legendary Robby Krieger

Terry Jones introduces the outtakes - Monty Python & The Holy Grail

KRS - One - Sound of da Police (Official Video)


The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Music Video)

Jetta - Livin' (BEST NEW MUSIC 2021)

The Beach • Porcelain • Moby

DREAMIN' By Mac Demarco (The Best)


northern England pop star (2021)

"your time is gonna come"

apeman (1970)


Tom Green Is on The Road (2021)



What's it for (The Music)

You gotta roll with it

ON AND ON (2020)


Far From Here (2020)

MTV $2 Dollar Bill Concert (Best Night)

the aubreys

Love Song by The Dandy Warhols (...Earth to the Dandy Warhols...)


"I'm the Last of The Best"

Miles Away (Lyrics)

CRO - Endless Summer [Official Video]

Riverview Avenue

The Book of Kells by Edward Sullivan [1920]

legends in photography

Thibault - See The World (Official Music Video)

John Grant -- Glacier

Dude did it.

italian lute

We Waltzed At The Victoria Theatre

Monday, February 8, 2021

GOLDEN GIRL (piano version) by Phoebe & Lucy Green

gods speed mysterion!

asks for heaven (Huff)


Live @ D.F.

Them - It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Flawed Logic on the Ranch | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

looker onner of stars

paper dreams by cro

InterGalactic Society

Easy Peeler (Official Video)

10,000 Dong

the way I feel inside

Prelude For Time Feelers

Hanni El Khatib - Loved One

Horsegirl Sea Life Sandwich Boy

SYSK Selects How Ghosts Work

Wake Up

The Vines - All That You Do

Immigration at Ellis Island

They also went by the names bene elim

Mosaic of St. Uriel

"His smile made you want to smile"

Sir Robin Williams Interview

Brad Pitt kidnapped

Roseland Theater #12

WTF Podcast - Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio

simmer down

Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Cardigans - Ironman

light has won #631


Clams Casino - I'm God

"Well, Arnold"

...and now it's showtime


Jane Weaver - Heartlow (Official Video)

such a remarkable day

Albertine Sarges The Girls

German Renaissance Research: Albrecht Dürer

renaissance of consciousness

Alberto Cogliani: The Light has Won! How to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment.

Bibio A Tout A L'Heure


lost angel

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (FREE/Download COVER)



On And On (Download/Out Now)

John Dutton vs. Tourists | Yellowstone Season 1

spilling water

Rose rouge

Coldplay - Up in Flames - [Live In Austin - Texas]

sun on water #142

odd friendship (demo)

Super Furry Animals If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You

a song for lovers

listen up

The Selecter - Three Minute Hero


open your eye (s)


"A Fond Farewell"