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Monday, April 13, 2009

Brendan's New favorite Band?

Hello, it's Brendan from The Hugs here, my friend put a song on a mixed tape for my car the other day and one of the songs just stood out, as something I'd never heard and something that was very good. It had a simplistic genius, the kinda song that makes you think shit, why didn't I think of  that? And definitely the kinda song you would expect to come out of 1964. Anyway, a week later when I found out they were a current group called "Women" I nearly had a heart attack. You should all give them a try. "Black Rice" was the song that turned me on to them but there all good at least the other two songs on there MySpace. I should go buy there CD and see them live. Check out   For More!

Brendan Welch