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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Fascination Of Brian Jones

Ever since I was a little boy I always wondered who that shaggy haired cool smiling lad was in all the early stones photo's. Until one day after high school I came home and looked this man up on the wonderful site called wikipedia and did some research on him. Now, Brian Jones is a very interesting character, he plays numerous instruments and was the founding member of The Rolling Stones. I suggest you should look into the movie titled "Stoned". It does not portray his life living in the stones exactly the way it was cause it's a movie but it does show events in his life and how he lived right before he died in 1969. 

Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones played guitar, sang, appalachian       dulcimermellotronharmonicasitartamburarecorder, saxophonepercussionorganautoharp,and marimba.

I really like his slide guitar playing that he did through his career. Especially on "No Expectations" which is a superb example of his slide guitar style. On a low note he was a major drug addict and did LSD, Cannabis, alcohol. This led to his downfall in July 1969 where he was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool in the english country side. I just wanted everyone to know that The Hugs are very much so influenced by the work and life of Brian Jones. He also has some very fresh clothing style. Thanks for reading. 

Danny Delegato