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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hugs New Blog!

Dear World,
This is Danny Delegato from The Hugs. We just started this new blog up today, this will be the first post. From now on we will post new photo's from the studio and news along with rare entry's from all the band members including Kelly, Brendan, Nicholas and myself. We hope to start this blog to keep everybody in the loop about The Hugs on a weekly basis.

 As of now we are recording and finishing our second LP with producer and musical genius Shay Scott at his wonderful basement studio Klickitat Band Camp. The first LP with 16 songs has been officially mastered and completed. The self titled debut album from The Hugs will be released Tuesday June 23rd, 2009  and be available on the web at various sites and will be sold at live shows coming up after the release. 

Stay tuned for more blogs from us soon!  Check out The Hugs website @ 

Danny Delegato