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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Press (12/29/10) Rotture

"Over their four-year history the Hugs have often been compared to the Dandy Warhols. It makes sense: Both were young Portland groups who effectively channeled (or shamelessly aped, choose your verb) popular bands of yesteryear, garnering them buzz everywhere but their hometown, where they were mostly met with sometimes hostile indifference. "

"If the comparison continues to be apt in another three years, Danny Delegato and crew will have their "Bohemian Like You" moment and have the opportunity to give Stumptown the finger for good, and I wouldn't completely blame them. "

"I suspect that part of what has always put fans off of the Hugs (and, in part, the Dandy's) has been the way they sprung out the forehead of Cleveland High pre-formed, hooky and cuddly as hell. Portland has never felt ownership of this band, and they never seemed to need its support in the first place."
 DAVE BOW (Portland Mercury)