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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Write Up About "Again & Again"

'The Hugs play breezy up-beat garage pop rock from Portland, Oregon USA. The new album (Which was recorded at the coolest studio in Portland, Oregon called Klickitat Band Camp with producer Shay Scott at the helm (


Producer Shay S. Scott

"Again & Again" proves The Hugs development has much improved into being a more mature and commercially-radio ready band.

Fuzz blasted jangly guitars, arranged within heavy chorus hooks, the bands knack to craft bouncy pop songs has created a very marketable situation for The Hugs. The new album 'Again & Again' is an album to keep your heart pumping fast and your foot thumping with it.

With already two full albums chock full of loud, catchy, infectious pop anthems under their belts and still yet to turn 21 years of age, The Hugs are a visceral and honest young band now on the rise. Stomping up stages currently in the UK with showcases in London for the rest of 2009.'