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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top to the tops

If you're like Letterman and I, you like great top ten lists. Well here's a great site that has amazingly fascinating top 10's, 20's, 25's, whichever. It's called and speaking for myself, it's responsible for many sleepless nights. It's updated everyday and there's a list in every category one can think of. Now I know "Oh a site with a bunch of lists, sounds boring." can be an easy thought process, so here's a little list of some lists...

10 bizare cases of mass hysteria
10 most evil children
10 memorable talk show appearances 
10 amazing movie endings
10 cheeses you should try
10 most over rated books
30 failed technology predictions
15  1980's tunes for the mornings
10 mysterious people

Here's a picture of a couple mysterious people..

Their story, at

These lists were just a few of, maybe hundreds! I don't know I haven't counted. It's a great site though and you can learn so much, so check it out.