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Welcome World

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Release The Past

By H. Alderman

In this context, spiritual pride is the belief that one person is better than another because they have studied longer; or their perception of the Universe is more correct that another perspective offered; or simply arrogance towards another who is on a different path.

Before I start I will state here that spiritual pride in the context of being proud to stand up and assert yourself in Love and Light is not what I am talking about here: I am talking about the ego’s spiritual pride.Ego and Spiritual Pride | In5D.comSo do you have moments when your ego asserts itself when the subject of spirituality steps forward?

The ego is but a defence mechanism for while we are working on this Earth, however over time as humanity has evolved so has the ego. Just look at the materialism and fear that is in the world today. The ego lives off fear, and wants nothing else but to keep its hold over us.

What if I told you that by being mindful of your interactions with others who seem to be spiritually proud in a negative way is simply an indicator of your spiritual pride and attitude?